M. Chapoutier
Terroirs - M. Chapoutier


The Maison Chapoutier boasts 700 hectares of land property, including 360 hectares of vines in operation.

Recognized as an expert wine-maker, Michel Chapoutier has a presence in all the main Rhône Valley appellations and crus, with a surface area of 240 hectares, including 34 hectares in Hermitage, making Chapoutier the biggest vineyard owner in Hermitage.

True to his pioneering spirit, Michel Chapoutier is often off discovering other terroirs.
Love on the spot or chance encounters, he either buys the land or joins forces with major wine-making families, well known chefs or wine-loving friends, playing on their complementary know-how and experience.
Outside the Rhône Valley, he has been in the Roussillon since 2000, in Alsace since 2009, as well as abroad, Australia in particular since 1998, and Portugal since 2007.

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