M. Chapoutier Convictions - M. Chapoutier


BIODYNAMICS: the Maison started using biodynamic techniques in 1991, because «to propose an appellation d'origine contrôlée is to propose above all an expression of the terroir» according to Michel Chapoutier.

THE TASTE DIFFERENCE: bringing out the specific characteristics of each terroir and each wine is the Maison M. Chapoutier's quest because "to allow the terroir to have its say, means letting the soil and especially the vintage express themselves. This integrity must not be corrected".

BRAILLE: both a choice and a symbol, reflecting openness and tolerance. Since 1996 all Chapoutier labels have been marked in Braille. This is also a tribute to Maurice Monier de la Sizeranne, a former vineyard owner in la Sizeranne who invented of the first version of abbreviated braille. He also founded the Valentin Houï Association.

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